Nov 11

Natural Forms of Male Enhancement

Men are very proud of their virility and they take great pains to keep it strong. Exercising, eating health food, having a good lifestyle is necessary, and they keep that in mind.

Sometimes however, as with age, something goes awry, or some men haven’t been gifted by Mother Nature with the size they want. So they look for methods to help them, whether it’s to stay up longer for a better performance or to enlarge their size.

They would undergo expensive and potentially dangerous surgery, or go for pills and creams. They would buy tools to use.

Don’t forget, it’s best to look to nature for a safer method of male enhancement. Don’t go for chemicals when you can do something more natural, comfortable and easy.

Natural Methods of Male Enhancement

  • Stretching – The simplest form of male enhancement there is, you don’t need to worry about injury as long as you do it right. Your penis should be flaccid before you begin. While standing, gently lift your penis with both hands, but don’t pull on it. Then keep it on a horizontal stretch for exactly thirty seconds, and then gently bring it back to the starting position. Do this five times.
  • Jelquing – In order to have an erection with a larger size and that can last longer, blood must be kept in the penis. Hold it firmly at the base and slowly slide it up to the tip of the shaft. You should take three minutes to do this per repetition. You can do this as many times as you like. You would feel the blood flow into your penis, and the girth is bigger. You can perform this technique as often as you want or need.
  • Horizontal Stretching – you need two hands with this one. Hold the base of your member with you left hand and press firmly. Put the tip of the penis in your other hand. You begin by sliding the right hand down the shaft until it meets your other hand at the base. Slowly bring your right hand back up to the tip. You can do this one as many times as you like as well.
  • PC Clench – the pc or pubococcygeus muscles control urine and blood flow. When you do pc clenches, blood and oxygen will be trapped in the penis. Hold these muscles in a clench until enough blood flows into your penis and it expands. You can do this 50 clenches at a time for a beginner per day. Only a maximum of 150 should be done per day for those who already mastered it.
  • massagerMassager – this is a comfortable device to use in order to stimulate the blood flow into the penis. You can use exercises in conjunction with this.

Gentle solutions that are safe for you are the best choices to make. You don’t need pills, creams or torture tools in order to enhance maleness. You should think about your safety and health all the time.