Mar 13

Four Weight Loss Tips for Men

Some may think that those who want to lose weight are mostly women while men go to the sports gym to increase their muscle tone.

Partly they are correct however, with the increasing incidence of people who are getting bigger and becoming obese every single day, the number of men (and women too) who goes to the sports gym are also increasing in number.

With the advent of fast foods and other cart foods that we see in the mall, more and more people are getting attracted to these kinds of food items since they are cheaper and yummier.

But what they do not know is that this type of food could create a fat storage area in your body in a matter of days. And the worse thing is that it would take a lot of time before all of these would be burned away via exercise.

This is the reason why many men are starting to go the gym each day because they are getting conscious with the way they appear especially with the presence of the fat around their bellies.

Below are the top tips that men could use when they do their exercises for losing weight.

  • Goal

The first and most important thing to do in all weight loss plans and regimen is to always set a goal in the beginning.

Set a certain weight that you want to achieve at the end of a certain period of time. With this visible and tangible goal, it would be easy for a person to become more motivated when it comes to doing his routine exercises.

Once you started your goal, always stick to it. You’ll never know how rewarding it would become once you get there.

  • Mind

Aside from conditioning your body to lose weight, it is also important that your mind will also be conditioned for it.

At the beginning of the weight loss plan, always tell yourself how badly you want to lose weight and tell your mind to keep you away from all the temptations especially unhealthy food items and carbonated drinks.

Your brain will get used to it and even after the weight loss plan, you will now get used to refusing junk foods easily.

  • Lifestyle

exercisingLosing weight is not just about eating less and doing exercise more. It is about holistic changes that would involve lifestyle modification. If you were fond of drinking sodas, then you must stop it.

If you are a smoker, try to stop smoking too. Always remember to live a healthy lifestyle for this will be able to help you in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body in the future.

  • Food

Many say that it is not right to cut down the amount of food that you eat daily and yes, they are right.

Even if you are trying to lose weight, it is still important that your body gets to meet the needed amount of calories per day. Just remember to keep all your food items healthy and avoid eating junk food and fast food items. You may also combine with weight loss pills for faster results.

Mar 11

Diet Pills Differentiated

Both men and women have had times when they wanted or needed to lose weight. It’s a difficult process for most because we usually don’t have enough time for everything.

Our lifestyles tend to focus on work and getting as much rest as we can, so sometimes we can’t find time at all to do our exercise routines.

This is why many people turn to diet pills for help. There is a bit of a problem though, because with many kinds of pills being sold on the market, we don’t really know what the best choice for us is.

Kinds of Diet Pills

When we say diet pills, there are actually only two kinds you can choose from – prescription and over the counter or OTC pills. However, these in turn can be divided into a few classes.

  • OTC Fat Blockers – fat blocker pills prevent your body from absorbing fat and keeping it in your body. About a third of the calories you take would be neutralized. Chitosan, a substance that comes from the exoskeleton of crabs and other marine creatures is the major ingredient of most fat blockers.
  • OTC Appetite Suppressors – appetite suppressors control your appetite, so you don’t overload yourself when you eat. If you have a big appetite and your weight matches that, this is the best pill for you. You don’t get the hungry feeling as much, and your normal food intake lessens considerably.
  • OTC Carbohydrate Blockers – Carbohydrate blockers on the other hand, prevent the absorption and storage of starches and sugars. They work in a similar way to fat blockers. The main ingredient of this type of diet pill is an extract from the white kidney bean called phaselousvulgaris.
  • Diuretics – they are also called water pills, since they usually help rid the body of excess fluid. They would stimulate the kidneys pass urine in larger amounts and you go to the bathroom more. They would “trick” the brain into thinking that you’re not hungry.
  • Prescription Diet PillsPrescription Diet Pills – as it says, you can’t get these without a doctor’s prescription. They tend to be stronger than OTC pills and your doctor can choose a dosage that is suitable for you after some tests and consultation. These work best when partnered with a good exercise routine and healthy diet. The problem is if you stop using it, you’ll gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose.
  • Natural Diet Pills – a healthier alternative to the medications mentioned above, these pills usually have ingredients that can help you lose weight the way nature intended. They help suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism and also help in natural bowel movement. The only problem is, there are certain extracts from plants and animals that you may be allergic to, so read the ingredients before trying any.

Check with a dietician before taking any medication no matter how “safe” it is believed to be. Your life is more important than losing weight.