Different Types of Male Enhancement Explained

Men just like women want to look good, and stay healthy. The pump iron, make sure they look good in the clothes they choose to wear, and eat healthy food.

Some men though are naturally gifted compared to others in many ways, particularly in the bedroom. Some would feel self-conscious and their size down there makes them uneasy, especially when they’re with someone special.

Psychological worries would make your performance less brilliant so to speak, so some try to remove by turning to male enhancement techniques.

What Are They Types of Male Enhancement?

  • Male Enhancement Pills – the good thing about male enhancement pills is speed. It can show results with a minimum time, but it’s not size that they help with; it’s sexual performance. It lengthens the time of erection, and it will be bigger and firmer. Elevation of blood flow towards the penis is the primary goal of these pills. However after the erection, it’ll still be the same size and length it was. Usually, these are used by those who only require a longer erection time, but it’s not uncommon for them to grab a penis stretcher as well.
  • Penile Enhancement CreamsPenile Enhancement Creams – the results from this one are questionable. Questionable in the sense that there’s nothing doing. There are no permanent results; these are sort of like a quick fix before getting in the sack since you can get results immediately. Compared to pills however, their effectiveness is lower. You can use this for casual occasions when you need a sexual boost.
  • Penis Stretchers – these are the most useful tools for penile enhancement since the solutions they give are permanent. No surgery is required, and you can do it at home. You can use this in conjunction with the other two mentioned above or on its own. Either way, you’ll get results. However, they are also divided into two types.

What Are These Two Types?

  • Noose Type – as the name goes, this penis extender has a noose with a sphere shaped silicone piece. This part holds your penis at the tip. There are screws on it for adjusting the pressure on the penis for your comfort. The noose will grab your glans firmly so that the tissue gets stretched.
  • Strap Type – same as the noose, type, only it uses straps. It’s more comfortable to use because a circular strap is attached at the end of the tool. It’s wider and can completely fit the head of your penis. The comfort is in the feeling when you’re using it. It’s like you have all your fingers holding your glans, instead of with a thin piece of thread.

It’s still your best bet to try natural enhancements rather than chemical ones or tools. Your health must be protected, so always check the label for the product’s ingredients.

Read instructions carefully before doing anything with the product you will get, especially the tools. It’s still a good idea to visit a doctor for your own safety.

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